Effective Friday, April 30th, 2021, Tyson Berkey will depart from Tooling Dynamics, where he last served as President, to pursue other interests.

I want to thank Tyson for his contributions to Tooling Dynamics and Sigma Corporation over the past 18 months since the Argand acquisition and for his tenure prior to the acquisition. I wish Tyson and his family all the best in their new endeavors.

The following interim organization will be in place at Tooling Dynamics:
• Joel Trimmer - Director of Business Development and Justin Cutshall – Business Process Manager will be acting as co-leaders of Tooling Dynamics, supporting the local team and reporting to Sigma’s senior team.
• Joyce Shelburne - Controller will absorb approval authority from Tyson Berkey (with co-signature of Ron Smith CFO of Sigma Corporation, as needed).

Please extend your support to the three leaders above in their expanded roles.
A subsequent announcement will be issued when the permanent leadership of Tooling Dynamics is defined.


Vagner Finelli
President and CEO
Sigma Manufacturing Corporation