Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation celebrates family day   

Pune, June 9, 2017: Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation Pvt Ltd hosted a family day celebration at one of the manufacturing facilities in Pune on June 9, 2017. The objective was to bring employees together and let their dear ones experience the place where they spent a large part of their day - understanding of the work culture and contribute to strengthening the excellent family bonds created over the past many years.

As a part of the celebrations, a mélange of cultural events and activities were organized, with active participation from staff members and their families. The day also saw a special musical performance by a renowned orchestra group. A special highlight of the day was touring a plant for families of employees, where they were shown the sophisticated and advanced manufacturing processes and the emphasis on Lean and Safety. During the event, employees were felicitated for their outstanding performance, commitment, and contribution to the Company’s growth. The winners of an intra-tournament games which was organized a week before were also awarded on the day of the event.

Viren Joshi, Chief Executive Officer and President, Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation, said “Sigma family day is a very special day, where we bring all our families together and can express our immense happiness at the excellent achievements of each and every Sigma member .We want to share with our families the pride that we feel, for creating these world class facilities.”

Umesh Joshi, Executive Vice President – Global HR, Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation, said “Our aim is to create a wonderful work atmosphere for our team to excel. Sharing our proud achievements with our families and bringing happiness into their lives, brings us tremendous pleasure. Such celebration builds a culture of togetherness, strengthening the excellent family bond and strong relation with the company.”