Robotics & Low cost Automation at Sigma

 In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment facing all organizations across the globe in the near to medium period, quality enhancement and cost reduction are two major steps that can be implemented to enhance productivity. In order to improve costs and productivity, Sigma incorporated a very practical, safe, economical and rewarding strategy-- the implementation of Low Cost Automation

Special Purpose Machining (SPM) Capabilities


Sigma operates a sophisticated and technically advanced SPM design and development center. Sigma uses SPMs to automate and mistake-proof (poke-yoke) many of the manual production processes required to produce parts once extracted from the mold. These highly customized and engineered machines substantially boost overall productivity and reduce costs. Many of the SPMs incorporate robotic production cells.

Some benefits from low cost & Robotic automation for Sigma are  

  • Enhanced productivity 
  • -Maximized efficiency
  • -Increase flexibility
  • -Reduce overheads 
  • -More dynamic manufacturing

 Sigma plans to install 6 robots and 26 low cost automation projects this year, in order to enhance productivity and improve operating leverage