New Iron Manufacturing Facility , Jaipur


Our new Iron sand casting plant in Jaipur is a highly modern foundry to produce iron sand castings .
The plant capacity is 5500 MT/Annum and handles malleable iron, grey iron and SG iron . This plant is equipped with Sinto (FCMX) high pressure molding line with box size 600 x 500 (WxL mm) and is capable of producing 200 molds/hr Single casting can be cast up to 25 kilograms with high dimensional accuracy followed by post casting processes such as heat treatment, high precision machining – SPM/CNC, Robotic Loading automation, electro zinc plating/powder coating.
The powder coating facilities are fully automated and caters to over 6000 castings/day. Zinc electroplating and powder coating plant is fully ROHS Compliant /environmental friendly processes 
State of the art automatic Zinc electro plating plant operates through SCADA system. Semi-automatic assembly machines ensures high productivity and optimum manpower utilization.