New Aluminum Manufacturing Facility , Pune

Sigma introduced an innovative strategic growth model for new markets, geographies and products. This model required new manufacturing and quality processes, complex precision products, and new people skills. With an aim to meet this objective, Sigma set up new manufacturing plants at Pune  with additional capacity 10,000MT.

Our new aluminum plant in Pune manufactures complex custom products for high precision applications .
The plant capacity is 4800 MT/Annum and handles a wide range of aluminum alloys and zinc alloy. The plant is equipped with high pressure cold chamber die casting machines with capacity ranging from 150 Tons to 900 Tons Castings up to 4.4 Kilograms and complex parts with high aesthetics, stringent porosity & complex machining tolerance requirements are produced here. The plant is equipped with rotary degassing , separate melting and holding electric furnaces, density analyzer vacuum system & high precision CNC & VMC machines .